If a run fails, the first place to check is in your run submission outputs, run.*.o* and run.*.e*, within $HOME/cesm_prep/<case_name>. In particular, the .e file (for error output) may give some indication and it might point you to the cesm log files in /nobackup/<username>/cesm_sims/<case_name>/run/ for more information. Additionally, in the same directory there are log files for each of the coupled models (atm, lnd, etc) where you can check for errors.


If you are using short term archiving (DOUT_S=True), these logs files will be located at /nobackup/<username>/cesm_sims/archive/<case_name>/logs/.

For more information on the job from the batch system, you can use qacct -j <job_id> at any time, or qstat -j <job_id> while the job is queueing or runnning.